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Amber Plastics - Rotational Moulding / Rotomolding Manufacturer UK & Worldwide

Are you looking to produce products or components using the plastic rotomoulding process?

Do you need a reliable rotational moulder / manufacturer, a trusted supplier?

Will  plastic rotational moulded products deliver the cost reductions, increased performance to help your profitability?

Amber Plastics is the rotomoulding manufacturer and supplier that offers a full service from product development assistance to finished component delivery. Since 1978 Amber Plastics has been at the forefront of plastic rotational moulding, a specialist who's continual investment ensures that customers get the quality they rely on, delivered to the schedules they have set.

Why Choose Plastic Rotational Moulding? 

New customers are often seeking to make cost reductions and performance enhancements. With Plastic Rotational Molding, these can be achieved in many ways:

  1. Component manufacturing cost reductions with rotomoulding can be significant when compared to fabricating, fibre glass, injection, vacuum or blow moulding.
  2. The Rotamoulding process can incorporate complex details and inserts to increase functionality, reduce the need for additional components and cut assembly times.
  3. Rotomouldings are inherently reliable, internal stresses are minimal and joints are eliminated. The materials are tough and resilient even under extreme conditions. The process allows reliability to be achieved without over engineering.
  4. No additional processes or treatments are needed for chemical and weather resistance. Rotomoldings are self coloured and their aesthetic form is relatively unrestricted.

Delve further into the advantages of rotomoulding that Amber Plastics has to offer. You might want to start with:

Design guide to rotational mouldingAll you need to know about the Plastic Moulding process

View the new Amber Plastics Designers Guide to Rotational Moulding

The web site should answer many of your questions about the process but by no means all.

Please Contact Amber or give us a call on 01246 456525 or email:

We welcome all serious enquiries and requests for more details. We look forward to helping you with your next project development.

Rotational Molding, Rotomoulding, Rotomolding in the UK.  (US spellings included because  although we are based in the UK we are an international supplier.)






For rotational moulding Ideas and Inspiration view the
Amber Plastics Gallery

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Amber Plastics manufactures a diverse range of rotation moulded products. Some are complete finished products including bins, boxes, water carriers, planters and street furniture. Others are sub-assemblies or components of larger products. Increasingly designers are taking advantage of the aesthetic abilities of rotational moulding to provide external surfaces and structure as well as functionality. The moulding process allows complex structures to be manufactured as a single component therefore reducing additional manufacturing costs.

High degrees of detailing are possible to maximise the benefits this plastic moulding process but only when you need it. Some components are never seen, in this case the tooling and finishing costs can be reduced without compromising functionality. Good examples of this approach are the range of water and waste tanks which amber produces for caravans, motor homes and boats. These can be moulded to any shape giving maximum capacity from otherwise wasted space in the structure of the vehicle. Once built in these water tanks have the durability to last the life of the vehicle.

From Attractive finished products to purely functional tanks and components, Amber will deliver the plastic mouldings to suit your projects. View the Galley to see some of the projects in current production. An overview of water / waste tanks and carriers available from stock tooling can be seen here.